[ASC-list] Fwd: Sci Comm careers: Science Degree + ? // Is it worth doing a general graduate communicaitons diploma?

Kali Madden office at asc.asn.au
Thu Feb 2 02:54:18 UTC 2012

Hi ASC-Listers,

>From time to time we have people seeking study and career advice as they
have decided they want to become a science communicator.

This sort of information is often obtained by speaking to people who've
done it already, whether at local branch events or a national event with
sessions like: "Science Communication is what I want to do, now what?" *

So, apart from joining the ASC and becoming involved with local and
national events, what would you recommend for those who wish to know how to
navigate their way in to a Science Communication career?

We have an inquiry below from Tessa who wonders whether further general
communications study on top of her existing science degree would support
her aims.

Thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions?



* See:

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From: Tessa K <tesskou at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Subject: Is it worth doing a general graduate communicaitons diploma?
To: office at asc.asn.au

Hi Kali,

I spoke to you on the phone last week about courses.  If you could pass on
what I have written below as we discussed, that would be fantastic.

I am interested in science communication and I have a degree in science
with honours (Zoology). But as there are no courses on science
communication in Victoria and I cannot afford to move interstate to study,
I would like some advise on whether it would be worth doing a general
communications graduate diploma.

The courses I'm looking at are:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Tessa Koumoundouros

tesskou at gmail.com

Kali Madden
ASC Office
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