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In direct answer to Tessa's question, I run the online Science and Professional Communication course at Newcastle University and it is possible to study this remotely either as part of a course at another University or as a stand alone subject. Although its online, it's very practical with a semester long communication project being required. If you would like more information please email me directly. 
I come from a very similar education background to Tessa having studied Marine Biology and then a Masters in Ecotourism. I kind of fell into science communication when I got a part time job at the Science Centre in Glasgow whilst studying for my degree and I've never looked back from there. I feel really fortunate, that at 29 years old, I can claim 10 years of experience in my field but recently I've been pondering the merit of going back and getting a formal qualification in science communication. 
When I started there was only 1 university in the UK offering a sci com qualification and it didn't really seem to be a big deal not to have one. Now, with more and more places offering it as an option at under and post grad level, I worry that within a few years I could be under qualified for my profession. 
We can see this happening in many other professions, my Father, a mechanical engineer of 30 plus years is being turned away for jobs in favour of graduates fresh out of University because they have a degree and "all" he has is experience. Do list members think this could happen to Science Communication too? If so a lot of us could be in a lot of trouble some where down the line. 
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