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Jesse Shore jesse at prismaticsciences.com
Mon Feb 13 15:17:57 UTC 2012

Assistant Treasurer, Australian Science Communicators
<http://www.asc.asn.au> www.asc.asn.au
Location: anywhere in Australia with broadband internet access 
Honorarium: $300 per year.

The ASC is seeking applications from members interested in the post of
Assistant Treasurer.

The Assistant Treasurer will assist the ASC Treasurer, David Ellyard, to
manage the financial matters of the Association. The position offers
opportunities to increase one's financial skills and to be exposed to wider
aspects of science communication and to the activities of the ASC.

The Assistant Treasurer position has been created as part of the succession
planning for the management of the Association. It is intended that In due
course the Assistant Treasurer will take over the full Treasurer's role.

The Treasurer will induct and train the Assistant Treasurer. In the short
term, the Assistant Treasurer will be responsible for a limited number of
the Treasurer's duties. Over time the Assistant Treasurer will gradually
learn all the tasks of the Treasurer. 

Duties of the Assistant Treasurer include:

.        Keeping the books under supervision of the Treasurer. (David
Ellyard uses Quickbooks but other software (eg MYOB) could be used.);

.        Assisting the Treasurer prepare monthly accounts for reporting to
the National Council and Executive;

.        Taking responsibility for the payment of invoices under the
direction of the Treasurer.

.        Serving as a non-voting member of the National Council and
Executive to contribute to discussions of programs and policy beyond their
financial aspects.


The key selection criteria for this role are: 

.        Demonstrated ability to be methodical and to keep financial records
up to date; 

*	Evidence of an interest in increasing one's financial accounting
*	Evidence of an established interest in science communication;
*	Computer and internet literacy. The successful applicant will be
trained to use accounting software but it is desirable to have familiarity
with Quickbooks, MYOB or similar accounting software; 
*	Capacity to commit ~5 hours per month to ASC financial tasks;
*	It is desirable that the applicant is interested in the role of
Treasurer in the context of succession planning of the ASC. 


The Assistant Treasurer will receive an honorarium of $300. The Treasurer is
allocated an honorarium of $1000. 

Applications are invited by e-mail no later than 5 pm on 5 March 2012 for
the attention of Jesse Shore, ASC National President at:
<mailto:jesse at prismaticsciences.com> jesse at prismaticsciences.com.  

Please include a brief CV (two pages maximum) and a statement addressing the
selection criteria with contact details of two professional referees (one
page maximum).  Applications must be submitted in PDF or Word 2003/2007
format (.doc or .docx). Candidates must be current financial members of ASC.

If you have any technical questions about the role, e-mail David at:
<mailto:david at davidellyard.com> david at davidellyard.com

Additional information:

ASC Treasurer - statement of duties (as provided by the current Treasurer).

1. Prepare monthly accounts for reporting to the National Council and
Executive, and provide an explanatory commentary.

2. Prepare and oversight the budget. 

2. Provide advice to the National Council and Executive on the money
dimension of ASC policy and programs (eg the national conference).

3. Pay bills (not many of these; e.g. Executive officer's fee is done by a
periodic direct transfer). Mostly done by EFT since the Treasurer is the
only signatory at the moment. 

5. Do the banking (not a lot. Most income is from membership fees which come
via YourMembership, our membership registration company). 

6. Organise the annual audit (this takes a bit of time) and present the
accounts at the AGM. 

7. Prepare and submit the Annual Return to the authorities (Treasurer has
done this as it mostly deals with the accounts, and eases the task of the
ASC Public Officer). 

8. Keep the books. (David Ellyard uses Quickbooks but other software (eg
MYOB) could be used. This would be a key task of the Assistant Treasurer) 

9. Maintain liaison (eg with President, Executive officer, YourMembership). 

10. Serve as a member of the National Council and Executive to offer advice
on programs and policy beyond financial aspects.

11. Circulate monthly bank statements for accountability.

12. Pay capitation by 1 July of each year. Capitation is set at 10% of the
membership fees of the number of members in a branch. An additional 10% may
be paid on application to the Executive (e.g. to fund a special project).




Jesse Shore

President, Australian Science Communicators, 2012

 <mailto:president at asc.asn.au> president at asc.asn.au

 <http://www.asc.asn.au/> http://www.asc.asn.au/ 


ASC National Conference 2012, Sydney, 27-29 February

 <http://2012conf.asc.asn.au/> http://2012conf.asc.asn.au/ 


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