[ASC-list] Designer/illustrator for technical climate graphics

Caroline A carolinka at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 05:09:03 UTC 2012

Dear science communicators,

As a long-time reader, first-time contributor, I'm writing to ask for

The Bureau is wants to create some climate graphics (then animations)
and I'm looking for a very talented technical illustrator who can make
dynamical earth systems (such as ocean currents and wind cycles, etc )
very easy to understand, but also simple and clean in design.

Examples of the kind of content we want to illustrate are below.

We will be creating a full suite of climate graphics which need to be
precisely accurate, so the designer will need to have a good grasp on
technical concepts (preferably some scientific background) and how to
represent them visually.

Do you know any such designers? If so, please send me their details
and/or samples of their work (you can email me directly at
c.andrzejewski at bom.gov.au or carolinka at gmail.com rather than emailing
the full list).


Caroline Andrzejewski
Industry Liaison and Communication Manager
Communication and Adoption
Climate and Water Division

Bureau of Meteorology
GPO Box 1289 Melbourne VIC 3001
Level 10, 700 Collins Street, Docklands VIC 3008
Tel: +61 3 8638 8289 | Fax: +61 3 8638 8200
c.andrzejewski at bom.gov.au | www.bom.gov.au

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