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Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Fri Feb 24 02:40:25 UTC 2012

Is communicating just one part of your job?

Technical professionals and scientists are often called on to communicate their work.


Learn about best-practice projects and how to turn communication theory into practical techniques relevant to your field by attending the EcoCommunication stream.


Turning talk to action-lessons from David Trewin

David Trewin, an experienced practitioner who communicates to businesses about sustainability, will share lessons he has learnt in the field.


David is from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, who are also supporting the EcoCommunication stream.


See the updated EcoCommunication stream program <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20EcoCOMMUNICATION.pdf>  for all the speakers. 


Register as a delegate-9 working days to go

Final programs are available for the streams. See what's on offer:

― Water in perspective <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20WATER%20IN%20PERSPECTIVE.pdf>  

― Mine water management <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20MINE%20WATER%20MANAGEMENT.pdf>  

― EcoWaste <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20EcoWASTE.pdf>  

― Climate change response <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20CLIMATE%20CHANGE%20RESPONSE.pdf>  

― Sustainable cities <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20SUSTAINABLE%20CITIES.pdf>  

― Sustainable engineering <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20SUSTAINABLE%20ENGINEERING.pdf> 

― EcoCommunication <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20EcoCOMMUNICATION.pdf>  

― Land and groundwater remediation <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20ALGA.pdf>  (ALGA 5th Annual Conference)

― Sustainability in the Asian century <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20PROGRAM%20PLANNER.pdf>  


To attend as a delegate you need to register before EcoForum. The cost to attend one day is $590 and $1180 for two days (includes GST), and you are free to attend any or multiple streams.

Registering takes only a few minutes. Fill out the form online <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/registration.asp>  or print it <http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2012/pdfs/e12%20REGISTRATION%20FORM.pdf>  and fax (07 3854 1507) or email it <mailto:ozaccom at ozaccom.com.au>  to us.






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