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A really interesting discussion.
Who decides what Œscience¹ is, and what criteria do they use in this

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> I agree Rob. In the past, we've had the sprouting of courses such as Forensic
> Sciences (even extending back into the secondary sector) largely in response
> to the popularity of CSI on television (in a similar fashion to the
> correlation between Law enrolments with 'LA Law'). With regards to Forensic
> Science, there was little opportunity for students to get work in this field,
> certainly in Australia so I was left wondering why we were teaching it to such
> high numbers.
> I'd be interested in a breakdown of what specific science programs are offered
> (and yes, I'm really holding back on my 'cynical' view - as I believe,
> regardless of what is happening with enrolments in science, there is still a
> bigger picture).
> Regards
> Phil
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> No, not seeing the glass as half empty - I'd be delighted if these figures are
> truly reflecting increased enrolments in reputable science courses - but given
> how many Aussie universities (half) are now offering pseudoscience courses as
> science, it does warrant a bit of dissection of the figures to find out
> exactly what science is involved here. Science is, as we know, a broad field
> with increasing numbers of pseudoscience interlopers.
> Rob
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> An interesting discussion. But are you all seeing the glass as half empty?
> Science is the most popular course at UniMelb. Arts is second. Biomedical
> courses are third.
> If these trends are being repeated at other Group of Eights (hopefully none of
> whom are teaching iridology) then there has to be at least a glimmer of good
> news.
> BTW I should note that my numbers were sourced from VTAC and include everyone,
> not just first preferences.
> Melbourne's first preference numbers are on the web here.
> http://newsroom.melbourne.edu/news/n-735
> And I understand that they have not taken up the government offer for more
> places.
> Niall
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