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Kali Madden office at asc.asn.au
Thu Jan 19 11:00:52 UTC 2012

Helloooo ASC-Listers,

A quick note to remind you that should you wish to post to the ASC-list you
do need to be a paid up financial member.

If your membership has lapsed this is easily rectified here:

Also, many of you may be receiving list posts but are not actually
"post-active". This means that unless you have requested it you will not be
able to post to the list as I need to flick a switch manually at this end.

This can be upsetting when you want to post urgently or enthusiastically
and I'm not in the very part-time office to attend to your request.

If you are a current member and have not yet sent an email to this list but
would like that functionality activated then send me a note and I will do
that for you soon.

To read more about using the mailing lists you can also check out our web
site here: http://www.asc.asn.au/mailing-lists/

Thanks to Niall for posting the favourite list conversation of the day :)



Kali Madden
ASC Office
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