[ASC-list] Brisbane seminarStem Cells in Biomedicine: New Opportunities in Human Therapeutics

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AIBN Seminar Series 

Presenter: Professor Alan Trounson, President, California Institute for
Regenerative Medicine in San Francisco, California

Title: Stem Cells in Biomedicine: New Opportunities in Human

Date: Friday, 6 July 2012

Time: 12:00pm

Venue: Hawken Engineering Lecture Theatre 50 T203


Abstract: CIRM is the $US 3 billion stem cell initiative that was
founded by Proposition 71 in 2004 by the State of California. These
funds have been used to establish the institutional and intellectual
infrastructure that has resulted more than 1000 publications (29% in
high impact factor journals), 12 new stem cell institutes and a wave of
new investigators from within and from outside California, moving into
stem cell science and translational medicine1. CIRM has established 19
international collaborative funding agreements, including the State of
Victoria and the NH&MRC.. This has galvanized transformational
discoveries such as the establishment of "disease in the dish" models of
human disease; the direct transdifferentiation of adult cells in vitro
and in vivo2; repurposing tumor suppressor genes for regeneration;
determination of gene regulatory mechanisms and pathways in
differentiation and maturation of cell function; and discoveries in many
other new areas of biology and medicine. CIRM has enabled the formation
of private-public research teams3 focused on translational medicine to
prepare the way for clinical trials for a wide variety of diseases and
injuries4. These include treatment for macular degeneration (loss of
central vision); Type I diabetes; gliobastoma; solid cancer tumors;
HIV/AIDS; stroke; and genetic disease. CIRM is establishing major new
centers of excellence in genomics-stem cell biology5 and will be
creating major new stem cell clinics in California6 in the next 2 years.


Professor Alan Trounson is President California Institute for
Regenerative Medicine in San Francisco, California. Prior to joining
CIRM in 2008, Dr Trounson was Professor of Stem Cell Sciences and
Director of the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories at Monash
University (Australia). Dr Trounson founded the National Biotechnology
Centre of Excellence - 'Australian Stem Cell Centre'. Dr Trounson held
various positions at Monash University beginning in 1977 and was
appointed Director of the Centre for Early Human Development in 1985. He
was awarded a Personal Chair in Obstetrics and Gynaecology/Paediatrics
in 1991, and in 2003 was awarded a Personal Chair as Professor of Stem
Cell Sciences. He has been a pioneer of human in vitro fertilisation
(IVF) and associated reproductive technologies; the diagnosis of
inherited genetic disease in pre-implantation embryos; the discovery and
production of human embryonic stem cells and of their ability to be
directed into neurones, prostate tissue and respiratory tissue. The
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is accelerating the
development of new therapies for chronic disease and injury by funding
stem cell research programs throughout California.







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