[ASC-list] Morigami: Molecular Origami - Call for scientists & science communicators

Magdeline Lum m.lum at mac.com
Thu Jul 12 03:37:19 UTC 2012

Posted on behalf of Megan Pusey.

Morigami - Molecular Origami

What is it?
Scitech is encouraging Perth to put their paper-puzzling skills to the test with a dazzling National Science Week community project titled ‘Molecular Origami’. The project will see thousands of individual origami pieces or atoms joined together to build a giant cellulose polymer.  
What we need from you:
We are looking for scientists and science students who are doing research in (or are knowledgeable about) cellulose, plants, polymers and/or alternative sources of energy involving plants.

If you could donate a few hours of your time on any of the event dates it would be much appreciated. If you volunteer for a whole day we will throw in a free lunch and a National Science Week t-shirt.

At the basic level we need you to mingle with the public, answer questions and share your knowledge. If you have more time we would also like you to bring a banner and an activity or demonstration relevant to your research, but this is not compulsory.

Where and When?
Date: 11th – 12th August, 2012
Time: 11am – 5pm
Location: PICA
Date: 16th – 19th August, 2012
Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: WA Museum

Event Details: http://www.scienceweek.net.au/molecular-origami/

If you're able to help out for a few hours, please email Megan Pusey at megan.pusey at scitech.org.au

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