[ASC-list] After Higgs ... XKCD!

Charles Willock charlesw at cse.unsw.EDU.AU
Thu Jul 12 04:39:09 UTC 2012

The possible discovery of Higgs Ho now allows the world to start
focussing on real-world important issues - both relativistic and 
quantum mechanical: the intergration of the Newtonian and the 
weak-strong, symmetry-breaking, W+Z-/W-Z+ electro-weak, strong 
nuclear force ... and gluon/gravitational interactional domains. (*)

XKCD seems to pretty much capture the potential opportunities:



(sorry, couldn't resist!)
I'm charmed by the strangeness of it all, but if only they'd 
bring back truth and beauty!  (sigh)

(*) apologies for the word salad.

      "Creativity and innovation are measured not by what is done, 
           but by what could have been done ... but wasn't"

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