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*Mars fever! New COSMOS app with A-Z of the Red Planet*
*New COSMOS Magazine app shows Mars as never seen before, including a
first-ever walk-around panorama of the surface!*

ON AUGUST 6 – just three weeks away – the most advanced space probe ever
will land on the Red Planet and try and answer a very big question: is
there, or has there ever been, life on Mars? After a 254-day journey,
NASA’s $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory, with its giant robot rover *
Curiosity*, will light up the skies above the planet as 76 rockets and
pyrotechnic devices ignite in a rapid, heart-stopping descent and landing
maneuver. About five times larger previous rovers, *Curiosity* carries over
10 times more instruments, and will spend a whole Martian year (or 687
days) exploring the planet in the search for life.

To celebrate, *COSMOS Magazine* has launched a special issue devoted
entirely to Mars!

It includes:

• 177 pages with hundreds of stunning images
• 14 videos and animations
• Live feeds to news and video of the landing on August 6
• Contour maps and stereographic projections
• Interactive fact files and pop-up breakouts
• A gallery of spectacular landscapes and sweeping vistas
• *Curiosity's* story – told in pictures
• Revealed: the cataclysmic impact that created the strange, lopsided world
that Mars is today
• An interactive timeline of Mars exploration missions
• Living on Mars: how and when?
• Getting to Mars: the latest rocket technology profiled
• The trouble with space travel: why astronauts are worried about a voyage
to Mars
• Should we colonize Mars?

Plus: A first-ever walk-through panorama of Mars, made up of 653 separate
images – it’s the next best thing to being there!

All this in the July 2012 issue of *COSMOS* – now on iPad!

*>>> DOWNLOAD THE ISSUE HERE -* http://bit.ly/N7qXff

*>>> Watch a video of the COSMOS app in action -* http://bit.ly/NdFsMb


*COSMOS app rated ★★★★★*

The *COSMOS Magazine* iPad app, first launched in June 2012, was given a
5-star rating by McPheters & Co, publisher of the iMonitor List of Best
Magazine Apps for iPad, which scores each app based on its design,
functionality and use of rich media content. It called the COSMOS Magazine
iPad app “the most outstanding of the recent batch of introductions” and
added: “Some apps transcend national borders more readily than others, and
the app from this internationally acclaimed title is definitely in the
category of those that transcend.”

Users who have downloaded the *COSMOS Magazine* iPad app have been
laudatory, with the average of 52 reviews ranking it five stars on the App

*Sir Richard Branson recommends COSMOS*

In his daily blog, Sir Richard Branson, the British entrepreneur and
founder of the Virgin Group, endorsed *COSMOS Magazine *iPad app, calling
it “a beautifully designed read and covers everything from evolution to
cutting edge new discoveries”. He also linked on the magazine’s page on
Apple’s App Store. This was followed by a tweet to his 2.2 million
followers, and a posting on his Facebook page (233,591 fans) and Google +
(2.1 million fans).

In his blog, he wrote: “For those who are fascinated by science, I can
heartily recommend the new *COSMOS* iPad magazine. It’s a beautifully
designed read and covers everything from evolution to cutting edge new
discoveries. The app itself is free, and there’s a free issue to download
and try. Enjoy!”


*COSMOS* is Australia’s #1 science media brand: the biggest-circulation
science magazine and highest-rating science news site. Its publisher,
Cosmos Media, was founded by three people: Melbourne neuroscientist and
entrepreneur Dr Alan Finkel, publishing executive Kylie Ahern and science
journalist Wilson da Silva. *COSMOS* is backed by an Editorial Advisory
Board that includes *Apollo 11 *astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/PYsBQl
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