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Do you have a pet subject you want to tell everyone about? Have an
hour or two? Live in Melbourne?

>From the site (http://www.lanewaylearning.com/):
"Laneway Learning is the name for a ragtag series of evening classes
held in a (laneway) cafe in Melbourne, Australia.
Our classes are probably unlike any others you have been to. They are
super cheap ($12), super informal and are taught by ordinary people
from the local community; florists teach about flowers, scientists
about science and bookworms about books. You can find a full list of
upcoming classes here. Attending them is less about becoming an expert
overnight and more about getting some top tips to take home and
practice later. Come to a Laneway Learning class and you might go away
with enough knitting know-how to make your first scarf, an
art-historian’s eye for a painting, or a killer recipe for chutney."

They are always looking for more folk to run workshops. Not sure if
your skill is the right one?Just to give you an idea of the kinds of
things that people teach, here is a list of upcoming classes:
Yo-yoing with Russel Howcroft - July 26, 2012

Movie Musicals! - July 26, 2012
Music Theory: Easy as A B C - July 31, 2012
Homemade Bath Products - July 31, 2012
3D Paper Art - August 7, 2012
Black Coffee - 5 brews in 50 minutes - August 15, 2012
Screen Printing: The Basics - August 15, 2012
Indonesia - More Than Just Nasi Goreng! - August 21, 2012
The Internet - August 21, 2012
Karate: Self-Defence - August 28, 2012

And here's my shameless plug for a workshop I'm running during
National Science Week about food science:


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