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Via Dr Alison Fowler:

Scitech is pleased to present a series of public lectures in which local scientists will provide insight into some of the fascinating research in the world of palaeontology and extinct animals. The lecture series coincides with Scitech's current feature exhibition Explore-a-saurus<http://www.scitech.org.au/dinosaur-invasion/exhibitions/dinosaur-invasion.html>, and each lecture will include time before and after the lectures to step back in time and walk amongst the dinosaurs.

--------------31 July - Time travelling with ancient DNA

Dr Mike Bunce from Murdoch University will tell us about his groundbreaking research extracting DNA from extinct birds. From the fossilised poo of the twelve foot moa bird of New Zealand, to eggshell fragments from the massive Madagascan elephant bird, ancient DNA can reveal more about what these creatures ate, how they evolved and how they became extinct.

--------------4 September - Why is a duck a dinosaur?

Join us for a live dinosaur dissection with Curtin University's Associate Professor Kate Trinajstic. Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops haven't walked the planet for 65 million years, but are dinosaurs all extinct? The 2010 Prime Minister's prize winner will dissect a barbecue duck to show that avian dinosaurs are alive and well today, and discuss her own research on fossil fish.

--------------24 September - Ancient volcanoes and asteroids: Where did the dinosaurs go?

What dramatic change occurred nearly 66 million years ago to cause the mass extinction of the dinosaurs? Curtin University geochronologist Dr Fred Jourdan will guide us through the myths and facts of volcanoes and asteroid impacts, and show us how several factors probably contributed to the dinosaurs' demise.


Time: Doors open 6.00pm, lecture 6.30-7.30pm

Location: Lotterywest Science Theatre, Scitech

Cost: $5 per person, or free to Scitrekker members.


The fee includes time in Scitech's Explore-a-saurus exhibition which will be open before and after the lecture (6pm-8pm) Bookings are essential by following the Trybooking links here<http://www.scitech.org.au/events/events/lecturesaurus-series.html>.

The lectures are open to the general public and pitched to adults and teenagers.

Alison Fowler

Science Programs Coordinator


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