[ASC-list] A step-by-step approach for science communication; interesting article

Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Thu Jun 21 23:53:23 UTC 2012

At a brief glance this looks like an interesting article in latest
edition of JCOM:

A step-by-step approach for science communication
practitioners: a design perspective
Maarten C.A. van der Sanden, Frans J. Meijman
ABSTRACT: Science communication processes are complex and uncertain.
Designing and
managing these processes using a step-by-step approach, allows those
with science
communication responsibility to manoeuvre between moral or normative
issues, practical
experiences, empirical data and theoretical foundations. The tool
described in this study is an
evidence-based questionnaire, tested in practice for feasibility. The
key element of this decision aid
is a challenge to the science communication practitioners to reflect on
their attitudes, knowledge,
reasoning and decision-making in a step-by-step manner to question the
aim, function and impact
of each issue and attendant communication process or strategy. This
approach eventually leads to
more professional science communication processes by systematic design.
The Design-Based
Research (DBR) derived from science education and applied in this study,
may form a new
methodology for further exploration of the gap between theory and
practice in science
communication and. Practitioners, scholars, and researchers all
participate actively in DBR.


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