[ASC-list] Suburban Spying (was Re: WA Branch Facebook Page)

Charles Willock charlesw at cse.unsw.EDU.AU
Wed Jun 27 13:22:58 UTC 2012

There are serious problems with Facebook (among a number of other
providers of social networking services).  

I don't have a Facebook account.  So why when I click on a link
under "Recommended Episodes" on 


do I get a response "from Facebook".  (Sorry Dyani, its not your fault,
the science is excellent, but being tracked by Facebook is not.)

Once when one did a Google search, one could click on one of the
links and go directly to the designated page.  Now, if I click on
a link, Google "phones home".  (No, I don't need to have cookies
enabled for that to happen.)

The science of network content analysis is way, way ahead of what
the public understands.

For a public perception, the 'nightlife' program on ABC radio
will be canvassing this as their "issue of the day" tonight
... from perhaps a little bit before 1 AM depending on the timing
of the end of "The Quiz".  

Some links which may be of interest:


Why should anyone be tracking my search terms; following my link 
usage; identifying my map locations; monitoring my GPS; reading my; 
mail to any gmail users etc. logging/analysing my opinions on 
forums, etc.  

Good luck with your quest Phil. 


On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 10:37:54AM +0800, Phillip Arena wrote:
> :)
> I hope that this does not 'disadvantage' those of us that choose 
> to not engage with Facebook. 
> Regards
> Phil
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> Want to keep up with the latest in science communication in Western Australia?
> The WA Branch of ASC now has a facebook page for you to "Like".
> Events and PD opportunity details will be posted as well as photos from these events.
> We have also enabled the "Message" button to allow members to contact the WA committee on Facebook.
> http://www.facebook.com/AuSciCommWA
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