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Peter Pockley scicomm at bigpond.net.au
Mon Mar 5 04:01:54 UTC 2012

ASCers who attended last week's ASC National Conference (and others 
who did not) may be interested to read my first take on last week's 
conference, which has been posted today on the website of 
Australasian Science monthly. This is my first venture in blogging.

As I mentioned in one of  my comments from the floor, I am currently 
collating material for a memoir-style account of the relations 
between "Scientists, Media and Society" from the inception by the ABC 
in 1964 of full-time specialised coverage about science in the 
Australian media. As Graham Durrant noted in his address to the 
conference, the 50th anniversary of that modest start is coming up in 
two years. The conference provided useful material for reflecting in 
my big work. In this blog I have only had room to cite three of the speakers.


Comments will be welcomed to the magazine's web site or direct to me 
via email. Please indicate, if not included in your response, your 
"signature" and affiliation/identity. To be true to the spirit of the 
conference and my ultimate publication of the memoir as an 
open-sourced account, you should treat any comments that you post as 
a publication that is available for subsequent quotation.

Cheers to all!

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