[ASC-list] Research findings: Community interest and engagement with science and technology

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What do Australians really think about science and technology? Did you know
that more people read about science each week than watch or play sport -
even in sports-mad Victoria? Are there  demographic differences between the
interesteds and the not interesteds? How have things have changed over the
past four years?

Community Interest and Engagement with Science and Technology  in Victoria
2011 addresses these questions and many others of significant interest to
science communicators.

The 2011 report can be downloaded at

The Victorian Department of Business and Innovation commissioned Sweeney
Research to undertake the 2011 survey of 800 adults living in regional,
rural and metropolitan Victoria and to track changes on interest and
engagement since the last survey in 2007. Survey questions cover:
   interest and engagement,
   information - sources, availability and trustworthiness
   motivations for seeking out science information
   perceptions of scientists and the impact of science and technology
   regulation, and
   leisure activities (and yes,  54% report reading about science weekly
   and only 23% report visiting or taking part in sporting events).

An interactive online data tool makes the data easy to interrogate - search
the findings by demographic groups, chart question against question or make
comparisons with the 2007 data.

SPSS data files are also available free of charge.

Although the data was collected in Victoria, the results are likely to
provide insights relevant to other parts of Australia.
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