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Cobi Smith CSmith at riaus.org.au
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Hi Mags - Science[rewired] has grown of out of the Media140 science communication event in Brisbane last year: http://www.amiando.com/media140FrontiersBrisbane.html

I'm involved in the 'democratisation of science' stream of the one coming up in May. 

Cheers, Cobi

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I heard of Science[rewired] last month around the same time during the ASC Conference when they started to follow me on Twitter.

There hasn't been much information on what it is or who is behind it until today. http://sciencerewired.org/about/

Taken directly from the website:

"Science rewired is a philanthropic initiative conceived by media140 Australia.
Launching as a one day event initially, to promote critical thinking and action in science communication and citizen science. Our aim is to look at science and digital technology from new perspectives and shape them in such a way as to create significant positive change in the world.

The science [rewired] project and concept has been realised through
media140 - a global organisation inspiring and educating digital professionals in the use of social media and online technologies.

Founded by Andrew Gregson and Kendall Benton in December 2011 our goals are to

	* Create events and opportunities that will inspire scientists to develop innovative and effective ways to communicate science across borders
	* Develop a community of science communicators and researchers eager to understand more about the use of digital technologies in science communication
	* Facilitate possibilities for collaborative change in the world
	* Promote the use of the latest digital social technologies to further science at all levels in society
	* Provide a platform for science communicators to construct a space where people from all walks of life can come together in order to contribute to a better world through scientific endeavors and digital frontiers"

Science[rewired] is holding an event on May 30th involving science communicators, academics, media professionals and digital visionaries for a forum in Sydney though there's a lack of program information.

Is anyone in ASC involved or able to shed some light on this?

Magdeline Lum

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