[ASC-list] Looking for research participants (Adelaide)

Regan Forrest regan at reganforrest.com
Wed May 2 03:06:06 UTC 2012

Dear ASC members,

I'm currently recruiting volunteers to participate in my PhD project 
"Design Factors in the Museum Visitor Experience". For the first stage 
of the research, I need to recruit people who are willing and able to 
visit the South Australian Museum with me.

To recruit participants I've set up this online survey: 

I'd appreciate it if you consider participating yourself, or circulate 
it among your family, friends and professional networks. I'm hoping to 
get a broad cross section of people from all walks of life, so the wider 
it gets circulated the better!

Many thanks,

Regan Forrest

regan at reganforrest.com

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