[ASC-list] Book launch - aimed at getting young adults into science !! Qbits - The Perseids Adventure by Peter Fitzgerald

Peter Fitzgerald peter.fitzgerald at olbia.com.au
Wed May 9 07:22:49 UTC 2012

Hi everyone !

Ive recently joined this association ( like yesterday !! ). I'm also new author and my self appointed PR man....so I'm trying to find my way around to market !!  (Sid Harta published the book).

Science Illustrated, The Herald  and currently The Uk The Association for Science Education are reviewing my book.   Science Illustrated Review just published this review  http://scienceillustrated.com.au/blog/whats-on/qbits-the-perseids-adventure/

Below is some information on the book and its objectives.  It would be great to get it out to teenagers / young adults...my sole goal is to get them interested in science. The science facts are real / the story fiction - action and fun :  Science AND fiction.

Qbits website  - free download chapters /reviews /where to get it .... fun science news etc etc   www.qbits.me<http://www.qbits.me>

Please if you have facebook "LIKE " this page  http://www.facebook.com/qbits.me?ref=tn_tnmn   as it helps me get the word out to the younger audience !!

Appreciate your support - even if you visit the website and like on facebook it helps get found on the web  !!

Jesse Shore suggested that some members would like to review this for Scope - I'm more than happy to provide some free copies !!

Peter Fitz ( QFitz :) )
[cid:image001.jpg at 01CCE374.0D332970]

Meet Watto - Schrödinger's cat...a famous quantum physics thought experiment: a cat is in a box with poison which might kill it. Quantum laws says as long as you don't check it, I am both alive and dead simultaneously.


Sydney author Peter Fitzgerald's labour of love is a rollicking, highly imaginative blend of science, fiction, adventure and typical Aussie larrikinism. (Herald Newspaper)

First-time author Peter Fitzgerald has combined chaotic adventures, fascinating facts from Shrodinger's cat, and the hilarious Qbits to create a book that is part adventure story, part science fiction. Let's hope there is a sequel (Science Illustrated)

Excellent originality, a rip roaring adventure...so many interesting facts....Everyone is involved - the Russians, the CIA NASA. (Wendy O'Hanlon, Acres Australia)

This extreme and exciting tale brings the wonderful study of science to life. (Dot Whittington  The Weekender)

A funny quirky novel, based on science, for our enjoyment and pleasurable reading. Peter Fitzgerald's imagination and sense of humour shine through.(John Morrows Pick of the week)

The Perseids Adventure

Science AND Fiction

The Qbits think they are the world's greatest ever scientists, and they are back to save the planet!
March 2015 : Galileo Galilei died over 373 years ago; Sir Isaac Newton 288 years ago; Marie Curie 81 years ago; and Albert Einstein 60 years ago.
But this is not their story.

This is the story of two young scientists Tom Jackson and Scott 'Mad Dog' Maddocks. Their idyllic existence is thrown into chaos when Tom is struck by lightning, accidentally creating a door to the 'Qbits' quantum reality
-a world existing on electrons and operating at light speed based on uncertainty and randomness.
Tom and Mad Dog are entangled with the wannabe superheroes who resemble the four great, but dead scientists.

In Qbits live MAC, NEWTS, ALBY and GG-the quantum incarnations of Marie Curie, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei.  Complex radical individuals when they were alive, they are back determined to save the planet.
Tom and Scott are quite happy lecturing at Sydney University, playing rugby, drinking beer, swimming at Bondi Beach and recovering at Harry's Cafe de Wheels but, when they least expect it, they are propelled into the complex Qbits' world.

Satellites are colliding and now they have been recruited by NASA as there is a meteor storm heading to Svalbard, home to the Doomsday vault.

Quantum entanglement: 2 worlds + 2 young scientists + 4 Qbits = Chaos + Adventure.

About the author....
Peter is a very boring man having an unusual midlife crisis.
OR maybe less true is:
Peter Fitzgerald is a businessman with a passion for science. He has degrees in economics, accounting and physics. An avid traveller and adventure seeker, limited by dodgy knees, Peter is mad about kayaking, Australian Rules Football and cricket. He has kayaked in the Arctic and Antarctica and many countries in between.
Married with two teenage children he believes science holds the key to solving world issues, not finance! The goal of Qbits is to hopefully inspire one teenager or adult to pursue a career in science.
Scientists are rightfully remembered forever-it's a great way to be famous.  We have forgotten that.

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