[ASC-list] Science performers who rock n' roll

John August john.august at mail.optusnet.com.au
Fri May 11 01:09:13 UTC 2012


Not rock n' roll, but I do something science related - spoken word
pieces, and I thought I'd plug myself.

My performances include :

- The speech Nixon prepared in case the Astronauts were marooned on

- My own "report from the 1870s", talking about the industrial revolution
  and the march of technology

- My own view of the eclipse in South Australia

- Predator's attempt to secure a lethal dose of heroin during his last 
  months with cancer; and also some views of Predator on cancer itself,
  and the nature of proteins

- Some punchy stuff from Christopher Hitchens

...  and some non-science stuff, like John Birgmingham's Leviathan, the
Egyptian Book of the Dead, Barcroft Boake's "Where the Dead Men Lie" and
Rudyard Kipling's "The Young British Soldier".

Ok, I acknowledge that's maybe a bit intense for a Pub Gig, but you do
get spoken word there too (I've been to a few) - depends on the crowd.

In any case, I'm sure you'd want to see what I do before running with it
and in Canberra that might be a bit difficult.  But, maybe I'll be doing
something at a Sydney ASC event soon, so watch this space !



> From: "Thomas, Robert" <Robert.Thomas at innovation.gov.au>
> Hi all,
> Outside of the Great Big Science Gig guys and Mal Webb, can anyone
> recommend another musician/science communicator good for a pub venue?
> Thanks
> Rob
> Robert Thomas
> Project Manager
> Enabling Technologies - Public Awareness 
> Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research, and Tertiary
> Education

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