[ASC-list] ACT readers: PCST needs a Public Officer

Toss Gascoigne director at tossgascoigne.com.au
Sat Nov 24 10:19:08 UTC 2012

Hi, ACT ASC-ers

The international PCST Network is about to incorporat and gain a new legal status.  

It needs a Public Officer, and because PCST will be incorporating in the ACT, this person has to be resident in the ACT.

The duties are essentially to be a mailbox of last resort.  If the PCST Network fails to lodge its annual return and the Registrar-General gets no response from the office-bearers, he may contact the Public Officer and ask that person to get a message through to PCST.  So the duties will be light to non-existent.

The benefits will be contact with this interesting international organisation dealing with science communication, and (possibly) a reduction on the fees at the biennial PCST conference.  The next conference is in Brazil in 2014, and then Istanbul in 2016.

If you are interested, call or email me to discuss.

Toss Gascoigne

Toss Gascoigne
PCST Network

Join the PCST network at: 

E.  director at tossgascoigne.com.au
P.  +61 408 704 442
W.  tossgascoigne.com.au

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