[ASC-list] AGM results - presidential election, constitutional amendment and more

Jesse Shore jesse at prismaticsciences.com
Wed Nov 28 06:39:18 UTC 2012

Dear ASC members,


Last evening's AGM elected Dr Rod Lamberts, of CPAS at ANU, as the next
President of the ASC. I congratulate Rod on taking over the reins of our
Association and I thank Associate Professor Nancy Longnecker, of UWA, for
also nominating for the position. The membership had two excellent
experienced people to choose between and it was a tight election result. 


The AGM passed the proposed amendment to the Constitution. From today,
Corporate Members can nominate more than ten staff to their membership at a
pro-rata rate. They still retain the option to take out multiple Corporate


There was useful points raised about the Association's finances, the running
of the next conference, and the details of the General Manager's position.
Informed by these discussions, the meeting authorised the National Council
to consider raising the annual membership fee (within a reasonable amount)
to cover anticipated increases in running costs. 


The meeting also directed the National Council to further develop the draft
professional code of ethics, to have it mention global responsibilities, and
for the final version to be voted on at a General Meeting during the year. 


It was good to see a large numbers of members taking part in the AGM. We had
more than 20 members attend the meeting and around 40 proxies. 


A lot of discussion was packed into the 80 minutes of the meeting (including
the video cross to Guy Nolch to get a word from our Unsung Hero winner). The
official matters was followed by a science trivia contest, run by David
Ellyard and ably assisted by Robbie Mitchell, the head of the SE-Qld branch.
The only thing I'll add about this fast paced, hotly competed event is that
the team which included Rod, Sarah Lau (our National Secretary) and me did
not win. So much for Executive clout. 


The meeting marked several changes in the National Council and National
Executive teams:

.        New President - Rod Lamberts

.        New immediate past-president - Jesse Shore

.        New Treasurer - Peter Wheeler


We thank Tim Thwaites, who now steps down as the past-president, David
Ellyard, who retires after 11 years as Treasurer, and Rob Morrison, who has
been a great contributor for years as Vice-President.


I thank Sarah Lau for her work as National Secretary and Claire Harris for
her contribution to both national committees. Both Sarah and Claire may
continue in their roles pending decisions by the new President and incoming
National Council on various positions. 


I also thank James Hutson, our webmaster for more than four years, who
stepped down from his busy post in November. We are in the process of
seeking a new webmaster.


Kali Madden and Sally Miles continue as Executive Officer and Editor of
Scope respectively. We are fortunate to have such energetic, committed and
effective people in these roles.


I'll still be involved on the National Committees, have some projects to
wrap up, and will make the odd squeak via cyberspace, but otherwise Rod now
shoulders the brunt of communicating with the 'tribe'. 


It's been an interesting three years.


All the best, 


Jesse Shore

Immediate past- president, Australian Science Communicators 

 <http://www.asc.asn.au/> http://www.asc.asn.au/


Jesse Shore PhD
Science Communicator
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E:     <mailto:jesse at prismaticsciences.com> jesse at prismaticsciences.com
W:   <http://www.prismaticsciences.com/> www.prismaticsciences.com


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