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Hello all,

Firstly an echo of Rod's thanks to all the ASC members who voted in the election for ASC president. And congratulations to Rod on his election.

It is indeed an exciting time for science communication in general and for ASC as the professional organisation for science communicators in Australia. Many members of ASC have made huge and sustained voluntary contributions over the years. Most if not all of us are time poor, so this represents an impressive commitment that has built ASC to its position of strength and potential.

Rod has outlined a bold vision for ASC. It is up to all of us to contribute in whatever ways we can, at the branch and/ or national level. A vibrant community is a major ingredient for retaining existing and attracting new members. The combined membership of scholars and practitioners and the blurry line between the two in science communication is one of the great strengths of ASC. 

I look forward to this continuing journey along ASC's path of development. The more we support our professional organisation the better it can support the discipline and career path of science communicators. 

Go, Rod! With sincere best wishes for an exciting time ahead.

Cheers, Nancy

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Hi folks,

As this is my first email as the new ASC president, I try and keep it brief (plenty of time for long stories later).

I put my hand up for the role because like many of us, I see this as a time of great opportunity for the sibling-hood of science communication in Australia (and indeed the world).

In my 'platform' spiel before the election, I focussed on the idea that the ASC should become the professional body for science communication in this country. I touched on just a few strategies for achieving this, such as developing and approving a code of conduct/ ethics, getting the association as an entity firmly entrenched on the public radar, and accrediting people and training. Doing this will increase the value of ASC membership to our existing people, and in parallel will entice a new array of members into the ASC fold.

Personally, I'd love to see the day come where people append Fellow, Member, or Associate of the ASC to their names, and that these be broadly recognised as a stamp of quality and prestige across the many realms of the science communication. It will take time to do this properly, to make sure everyone is heard, and to ensure that no corners are cut.

So there's a lot of consultation and planning ahead. There are many more things to say, many questions to pose, and a lot of advice to seek.

But first things first. For the next few weeks I will be finding my feet in the basics of the role, so I ask you to please bear with me while I accelerate along my presidential learning curve...

Finally, I want to close by thanking Jesse Shore for his herculean efforts over the last three years as ASC prez, acknowledging the huge efforts of all those on the executive and the council (both outgoing and continuing), and thanking everyone who voted in the election (whether for me or my worthy opponent Nancy Longnecker).

Right, I better get into it!

Dr Rod Lamberts

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