[ASC-list] Two Fantastic Free Physics Lectures at Sydney Uni

Vanessa Barratt vanessa.barratt at sydney.edu.au
Wed Oct 10 04:25:14 UTC 2012

Hi everyone
Two free physics lectures coming up in Sydney featuring international speakers:

When Galaxies Collide
29 October 2012 6.00pm
Professor Richard de Grijs, Kavli Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Peking University.
Co-presented with the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO) at the University of Sydney.
Richard de Grijs is in Australia as the recipient of the 2012 Selby Travelling Fellowship for excellence in science awarded by the Australian Academy of Science.
Studying galactic interactions is like sifting through the forensic evidence at a crime scene.
Astronomers wade through the debris of a violent encounter, collecting clues so that they can reconstruct the celestial crime to determine when it happened.
 Law School Foyer,
 Law School, Eastern Avenue,
 The University of Sydney
Free event, with registration required (follow link below)

Big Bangs, Biospheres and the Limits of Science
9 November 2012 6.30pm
Professor Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal.
How 'special' is our Earth, and the time in which we are living?
Are there aspect of science that human brains will never grasp?
What does the long-range future hold, for our cosmos and for 'post-human' evolution?
This illustrated lecture will attempt to address such issues.
The Great Hall,The Quadrangle
University of Sydney, Camperdown
Free event, with registration required (follow link below)

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