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Up till now the ASC has been a typical volunteer organisation, reliant on
the unpaid and spare-time efforts of our  members and officers, though
modest honoraria have been paid to some of the latter. This approach has
allowed us to make a significant impact, but with  the rising profile of
science communication, as represented  inter alia by the Inspiring Australia
initiative, your National Council believes it is time to move on and adopt a
more professional style  of management and operation.


We have already appointed Kali Madden as our paid, though still part time,
Executive Officer. In that capacity she is responsible for the efficient
running of our internal operations, such as membership management.  The next
proposed step is the appointment in the next few months of a General Manager
to undertake similar efficient management with regards to our external
relations, including our significant  involvement with Inspiring Australia,
linkages with like-minded organisations, the staging of National Conferences
and so on. We believe that such an appointment will further raise our
profile, enhance our impact on science communication in Australia and
increase our membership.


The changing role of the ASC President 


The new appointment will have a significant impact of the role of the ASC
President, much as the work of the Executive Officer eases the burden on the
Treasurer. It is intended that the General Manager will take over many of
the roles currently filled by the President. The latter would become more
like the Chairman of the Board, providing leadership and oversighting the
development of policy, with  the implementation of policy and the
development of new programs resting with the General Manager. As a result
the position of President will be much less time-consuming than it has been,
and should be more attractive to a wider range of members, including some in
senior positions in the sci-com community.


Under  our constitution, the President is supported by one or two
Vice-Presidents, who can be assigned specific roles. These officers are
appointed by the National  Council from among its number, or (as now)
co-opted from the wider membership. This provides a further opportunity to
ease the workload on the President.


The President is elected at our Annual General Meeting, which this year will
be Brisbane on 27 November. If you have an interest in taking up the
Presidency (or any other role) and would like to discuss the matter further,
contact our current (and soon to retire) President Jesse Shore
(jesse at prismaticsciences.com) or our Treasurer David Ellyard 

(david at davidellyard.com)  

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