[ASC-list] (CORRECTION - Perth, WA) Is there a universal visual language?

Sophia Bickford 20228745 at student.uwa.edu.au
Wed Sep 12 06:56:33 UTC 2012

CORRECTION: the following
seminar with Andrzej Gwizdalski is
the previous post gave the
wrong date.

Sincere apologies for the repeat-
by Wednesday I really should
know what week I'm in!


Is there a universal visual language that
enables communication across cultures?

Join the University of Western Australia
Program in Science Communication Seminar
This Friday, 14 September from 4.00 at the
UWA Centre for Learning Technology to
learn more.

Dr. Andrzej Gwizdalski will draw on his
PhD thesis (2011, University of
Melbourne) to discuss universal visual
communication in the context of cross-
cultural meanings, human universals,
neuroscience and practical examples from
around the world.

The twenty-first century is dominated by
visual digital communication, from
academic PowerPoint presentations to
YouTube videos, city screen
advertisements and airport safety

Visuals help communicate our ideas, but
are these visual messages understood in a
similar way by people from diverse
professional, social and cultural

All are welcome, no RSVP required.

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