[ASC-list] SKA, when did shyness become an illness, and other Melbourne science talks

Niall Byrne niall at scienceinpublic.com.au
Wed Sep 12 23:57:02 UTC 2012

I'm reintroducing my occasional bulletins about science-related events in Melbourne.

Today, there are three talks:

§  Australian psychologist and writer Gina Perry will talk in Melbourne<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#1> about the infamous Milgram psychological experiments of the 1960s;

§  Lisa Harvey-Smith will talk about the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#2>;

§  a US expert talks about brain-computer interfaces<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#3> for epilepsy patients.

And tomorrow science filmmaker Sonya Pemberton will be talking about the business and art of getting Australian science to global TV audiences<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#4>.

On Monday 24 September, Prof Julian Savulescu will give the inaugural Menzies Scholars lecture<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#5> about the ethics of diagnosis and treatment. When did shyness, internet addiction, PMT and eccentricity become mental illnesses, and what are the limits to diagnosis and treatment?

Also in this bulletin:

  *   The inaugural David Penington Lecture discusses re-engaging doctors in communication<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#6>;
  *   Join our 2012 Fresh Scientists at the pub -drinks, science and the odd firework<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#7>;
  *   The head of CSIRO publishing discusses the brave new world of e-publishing;<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#8>
  *   A show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#9> will explore the history of schizophrenia through art, story-telling, science and personal perspective;
  *   You can learn to tell your science story - training courses in Melbourne<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/asc/vicsept2012#10>;
You can read more about all of the above in our full bulletin, which you can find here:


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