[ASC-list] also- reminder on ASCSA journal club next Tuesday

Lisa Bailey LBailey at riaus.org.au
Tue Apr 2 05:31:03 UTC 2013

For anyone in or around Adelaide, please don't forget to book if you're interested in attending....

ASCSA Journal club
Tuesday 9 April
The Science Exchange
Free for ASCSA and RiAus members / $10 non-members (pay at the door)
Book at
ASCSA journal club is a social way to keep up with current research in science communication and to refine your skills in critical analysis. We'll review selected articles in groups and also share ideas on the best journals to watch and the best tools for searching for and collating articles.
This month we'll be reviewing a recently published paper looking whether the framing of a press release (in this case, estimating the date of fisheries collapse) results in more citations in the peer-reviewed literature mentioning that projection (spoiler alert....yes!)  As blogger Dr Bik<http://deepseanews.com/author/dr-bik/> asks "are us scientists just as prone to believe soundbites promoted by press releases and the media, particularly for hyped-up papers outside our own discipline?"

The open access paper can be downloaded here:
Blog discussions here

Dr Lisa Bailey
Programs Manager

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