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I am very sad to hear this. "Pockers" got me into science communication when
he brought me (and Robyn Williams) late in 1972 into the ABC Radio Science
Unit to cover the last mission of the Apollo program. A  very early memory
was joining him and Jenny at their house in Glebe to watch the "Its Time"
election. Peter soon moved into other things but his influence on me was
profound. I am pleased to remember that with my encouragement he was made a
Life Member of the ASC some years ago. A genuine pioneer and a mentor to so


David Ellyard. 


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Peter will be missed by the Australian Academy of Science. He was a faithful
attendee at many Academy events, and never failed to attend and cover our
annual Science at the Shine Dome meeting. And to tell us when our newsletter
needed subbing!


Peter was the first and only journalist to be awarded the Academy's highest
honour, The Academy Medal. His citation for that medal might assist those
writing obituaries:



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Peter has been a wonderful mentor for me since the time I first started out
as a trainee editor on the ANZAAS journal Search. 


My first encounters with him involved an ongoing fight with technology as he
tried to submit his copy from Sydney via modem. It never worked and we had
to retype his copy off the fax, at least for the first year. While he was
understandably "prickly" in those telephone encounters, when I first met him
at an ANZAAS Congress I found him much warmer.


He was a stickler for detail, with each submission a running battle to keep
him to length as he tried to fit in every fact and quote. Even his final
blog in May, a three-parter in conjunction with Stewart Fist, was somewhat
longer than anticipated!


Peter fought the good fight for science, and will be sorely missed. I've
quickly put together an obituary at australasianscience.com.au and would
appreciate any additions, clarifications, dates etc., as well as online
comments for posterity.


Guy Nolch

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Sad news indeed.


For several decades Peter flew the flag for science funding and science
communication.  He was one of the best-informed journalists, and scientists
everywhere have much to thank him for his relentless questioning of
politicians and policy-makers.  He must have felt lonely in the Budget
lock-ups, pouring over science and research funding figures when those
around him had other concerns.


Peter was passionate about science communication, a great friend of ANZAAS,
and was one of the leaders in an attempt to start a science communicators'
group in the mid-1980s.  That group didn't get off the ground - his timing
was unfortunate, being 7 years before the popularisation of the internet and
easy email access - but the seeds of an idea were planted and ASC came into
being in 1994.


He flew the flag for Australian science in international circles, at AAAS
meetings in the US and BA meetings in England.


And then of course there was his pioneering work with ABC's Science Unit and
the Science Show....


Peter wasn't always the easiest person to work with, prickly at times, and
totally fearless in what he said.  This led to some monumental battles, one
over the proper place for ASC in its early days and how it should complement
the work of other groups with long-established histories, notably ANZAAS.
Things were resolved in the end, and he became a friend and supporter of


When the history of science communication in Australia is written, the
significant role Peter played will gain a proper recognition.


Toss Gascoigne


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Dear ASCers,


Peter Pockley passed away peacefully yesterday. Many of you will know Peter
as the very early founder of the ABC Science Unit in the 1960s. Indeed we
could call him the father of science communication in Australia and a true
pioneer. He mentored many Australian scientists and science communicators
over decades (including me) and was an established writer and broadcaster in
his own right. He is survived by his wife Jenny, daughter Kate and two


The scicom landscape won't be the same without him!




Dr Susannah Eliott

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