[ASC-list] Seeking EOIs for debate teams at the ASC 2014 conference

Ian M. ianmcd85 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 27 01:53:09 UTC 2013

Thinking about going to the ASC
national conference in Feb 2014?

On the back of Claire's email about session
producers, I am wanting to organise a debate around the role of social
media in science communication but this would mean I need people who are
willing to be both for and AGAINST! social media....

Each team (affirmative and negative) would have 3 people and each speaker would
get 5 minutes to justify their case.

Please reply back to me privately if interested (and which team you may wish to be apart of) and from EOIs I will try and
select two varied teams. 

If you are worried that you have to be 'anti' social media to be on the negative team -
then don't....you might rather want to suggest that science magazines are
better, science education centres (such as questacon) are better, or getting
your information from websites or newspapers is the best way, etc, etc.....

I think this could: 

1) make for a really really interesting part of the ASC conference and get some
'potentially contraversial' conversations started, 

2) get us thinking about the varied science communication methods we have around us and

3) with a bunch of science communicators in one room I reckon this could be really fun and entertaining :-)

I guess the only issue from here is that if you say yes to being apart of this
session - you would need to be fairly confident you are attending.

Please email or call if interested and we'll go from there, better yet if you have suggestions for me such as who should be apart of the debate etc, happy to take comments.

ACT branch President, ASC

P.S. Are you like me and have an idea but no idea how to get it off the ground - why not use the list too? 

Dr Ian McDonald
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