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Suggest everyone who has grumpinesses to complain of join the grumpies or
(GOCs) on linked-in. That way we can collect all their little pearls of
wisdom into said book.


Anyone who needs an invitation, ask one of the grumpies



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Hi Jenni,

Ill put my hand up too. I am amazed at the common use of loose instead of
lose. I am thinking that the 's' crept in to collectively describe different
types of communication.  Perhaps ASC should develop a science communication
style guide - we could call it 'The Grumpy Style Guide'. 



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Today's Topics:

   1. Re: Science CommunicationS (Lamberts Rod)

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I'm on that old and cranky team, too Jenni! Though I confess sometimes I
give up when I see that fiendish 's' <shrug>





On 23/02/2013, at 10:44 AM, Jenni Metcalfe <jenni at econnect.com.au> wrote:

Is there anyone except me who gets annoyed by the use of the word
"communicationS" - i.e. communication with an S on the end?


As my colleague, Wendy Parsons, pointed out when I was working at CSIRO
almost 18 years ago. this use of the word generally relates to cables, wires
and similar infrastructure.


Perhaps, I am just getting old and cranky?


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