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Maths: Formulating the world...

January 2013

Australian Launch Event

We're almost at capacity!

Thank you for your support, its going to be a great event.

For those with places reserved we'll see you there!

5.45pm - 7.00pm

29 January 2013

Sidney Myer Asia Centre - The University of Melbourne

Opening Address:

Prof Ian Chubb AC, Chief Scientist

Public Lecture:

Simon Levin, Princeton University

The challenge of sustainability and the promise of mathematics

Schools Program: Pi Day

[2]Simon Pampena presents Pi Day!

Celebrate international Pi Day with

us on 14 March (3/14)

Explore the role and varied applications

of this mysterious number.

Find the answers to all the

important questions:

What is Pi?

How many decimal places of Pi are known?

How do you write Pi-ems?

Is my birthday in Pi?

[3]More information

About MPE 2013

Scientific societies, universities, research institutes, and foundations from
around the world have banded together and dedicated 2013 to Mathematics of
Planet Earth.

The year will put Australian research on the global stage in a bid to answer and
understand some of the world's toughest questions.


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BLOG:  Boom boxes, opera singers, blood pressure and a French revolutionary…

Critically ill patients often need

to have their blood pressure

closely monitored, and we do

this by putting a small tube into

an artery, and measuring the pressure.

However, there is a little complication

…and it’s down to opera singers, and a French revolutionary!

[5]Read on

Photography Competition: Singling out Symmetry

We've had some great entries, we

would love some more).

It’s a photographic composition

staple and an easy introductory

category to start our

Maths of Planet Earth photography competitions.

This competition closes 5pm on Monday 21 January 2013.

[6]More information

Upcoming MPE Australia Events

[7]Critical Transitions in Ecological and Complex Adaptive Systems

28 January 2013, University of Melbourne

[8]ANZIAM 2013
3- 7 February 2013, Newcastle City Hall

[9]Young Statisticians Conference 2013
7-8 February 2013, University of Melbourne

[10]See more...


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