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We put together a bulletin of physics news and events every month on behalf of Rob Robinson, the AIP President. Here's a taster of what's in this month's bulletin.
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A medical physics tour of Qld and finding Rutherford in Canada - physics in July

>From Rob Robinson, President of the Australian Institute of Physics

1 July

I'm pleased to announce today that the 2013 Bragg Gold Medal for Excellence in Physics has been awarded to Dr Martin Fuechsle from the University of New South Wales for his thesis titled "Precision Few-Electron Silicon Quantum Dots". The Bragg Gold Medal recognises the student who is judged to have completed the most outstanding PhD thesis in physics at an Australian university in the past year. And this is also a timely reminder that nominations for the 2014 Bragg Gold Medal should get to your state AIP branch today.

Nominations for the AIP's Walter Boas Medal for research excellence and the AIP Award for Outstanding Service to Physics in Australia are also now open. Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague for one of these AIP's awards. It's important to recognise the good work being done by physicists in Australia.

On other matters, I'm just back from North America, where I visited colleagues at the Canadian Light Source, the Chalk River Laboratories, McGill and McMaster Universities and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

A highlight of my trip was the Ernest Rutherford Museum at McGill University. It tells the story of the famous New Zealander's work with Frederick Soddy to understand radiation and measure the energy released by nuclear reactions.

I also saw Rutherford's one-page hand-written CV, and heard a recording of a lecture given in Gottingen in the early 1930s - his New Zealand accent comes through well.

Rutherford once said that "scientific discovery has no merit unless it can be explained to a barmaid". Outreach is a big part of the work of the AIP, and I'm pleased to see some major speaking tours coming up.

Medical physicist Christian Langton will be speaking to secondary school children in Queensland, showing them the importance of physics in medical imaging for diagnosis and treatment.

Tickets are selling fast for physics superstar Brian Cox's Australian tour next month - which is no surprise. And Australia's own physics superstar, Brian Schmidt, is giving a public talk exploring Australia's pioneering work in astronomy in Sydney on Thursday 11 July.

I was also interested to see that leading research organisations have come together to call for a strategic national research policy - including Science and Technology Australia, of which the AIP is member. The alliance called for non-partisan support of science and all forms of research and the development of a long-term vision.

You'll find details of all these below, plus more news, events and opportunities for obtaining support for international collaboration, travel, overseas residencies and conferences.

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