[ASC-list] Advice wanted for internally sharing outlook contact lists

Ian M. ianmcd85 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 9 03:37:36 UTC 2013

Hi ASCers,
I am emailing on behalf of a work colleague but also for my own interest.
We want to find a
solution for internally sharing several microsoft outlook contact lists so that they can be automatically updated in
everyone’s contacts every time someone within the team adds/edit a contact.
For example if we had a list called "ABC" with 10 people and then I added an address, we'd want this to be updated within everyones list. At the moment this does not happen?

We are yet to figure out if this is possible but I thought amongst the ASCers someone would have some advice for us.

An outlook solution would be
ideal but if anybody has an alternative suggestion that would be
equivalent, we could look into it.

My colleague has tried various things like:



Hopefully this makes sense, please email me privately if you need clarification or if you have a great solution feel free to email the list as I am sure others might be keen to learn too.


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