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Albany 2030

RiAus is coming to WA to host the event ‘Albany 2030’ on July 9 at the Albany Entertainment Centre. Tickets are free and can bookings can be made by calling (08) 9844 5005.

Predicting the future can be a tricky business but it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that if we continue down the path we are treading the human race is going to run into a lot of trouble. Continued population growth, resource use and pollution generation suggest a future of more people consuming more and wasting more, but, is this sustainable? What will happen when we run out of oil, trees and arable land? How will this effect us on a global, national, local level and what, if anything, can we do to address these issues now?
RiAus, Australia’s national science communications hub, want to talk about just that with the people of Albany. Just what will Albany look like in 2030 and how much influence do we really have?

Join RiAus Director Paul Willis and his expert panel to discuss the problems facing Albany and the world in the immediate future and some of the potential solutions.

Dr Graham Turner<http://www.sustainable.unimelb.edu.au/content/people/graham_turner> – Principle Research Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne
Dr John McGrath – Research Director of the Future Farm Industries CRC
Ms Kelli Friar<http://riaus.org.au/people/kelli-friar/> – Manager, Strategy Implementation and Integration, Horizon Power and board member of the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

More information at riaus.org.au/albany2030<http://www.riaus.org.au/albany2030>

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