[ASC-list] Nominations open for the CSL Florey medal; travel grants for young scientists; and a little wager…

Niall Byrne niall at scienceinpublic.com.au
Wed Jun 19 23:49:24 UTC 2013

Dear ASCers,

In Sydney this month, we considered the future of Inspiring Australia.

The clear message from the crowd was that Australia’s scientists are enthusiastic but need direction and encouragement to tell the world about their work. They’re calling for more active institutional support for outreach and communication.

There are always opportunities to nominate researchers for prizes, from the CSL Florey medal and the Victoria Prize for scientists at the top of their game to Fresh Science, which gives PhD students and postdocs free media training and introduces them to key stakeholders in government and business.

Receiving prizes or media coverage can open up new career or commercial opportunities. We’ve seen the impact with past Fresh Scientists, L’Oreal Fellows and others. Many young researchers have a great story that deserves to be told.

And it doesn’t take a lot of training for that story to emerge. If you're in Melbourne, come along to Fresh Science at the Pub in July to see for yourself.

Read our latest bulletin online: www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/june-prizes

* $50,000 CSL Florey Medal: seeking top researchers who are following in Florey’s footsteps
* Innovation and discovery: nominate for the 2013 Victoria Prize
* $18,000 Victoria Fellowships for international travel and study
* “New knowledge, ideas and a feeling of inspiration”: travel to the EMBL PhD Symposium
* Junior investigators wanted to join the national stem cell conference
* Media training for scientists in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth
* Freshly-trained Fresh Scientists getting ready to talk to media and the public
* Promoting opportunities for science through the Inspiring Australia prize and events calendar

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