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Dear Cathy,

Adding bookmarks and linked tables of contents to pdf files is very easy - less than 10 seconds per chapter heading - provided that you have a full copy of Adobe Acrobat or one of the free equivalents.

If the document is well structured in Word or InDesign then all the hyperlinks in the source document are retained and you may not even need a full copy of Acrobat.



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Has anyone done any research (or have an opinion) on whether having some interactive elements to an electronic version of a report boosts interest in reading it? I'm thinking perhaps basic elements like being able to jump to chapters and perhaps links to electronic content like videos.

The usual practice is to provide a pdf version of the printed version, with an executive summary.

I was just wondering if going the extra step and providing some interactivity in the online version is worth what I imagine will be a not inconsequential extra cost when the job will not be possible in-house.

Any comments appreciated on their value/merit.

Happy to take emails to me rather than the list (-:

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