[ASC-list] 'Publish or perish'

Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
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The main issue Brendon is that scientists rarely get properly rewarded
for such efforts...

They still get ahead by publishing peer reviewed papers, not through
public communication!


However, there have been growing numbers of scientists over the past 25
years that I have been working as a science communicator who do see the
value in public communication that go beyond the rewards of money or


For example, most scientists experienced with the media absolutely see
the benefits.


Lots has been researched and written about this... 


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I'm interested to learn if anyone can point me to some 'pointers' for
'educating' scientists and researchers on why publishing in peer
reviewed international journals is not the be all and end all of
communicating their research. Encouraging scientists to be comfortable
with providing details to non-indexed publications, in other words
working with media and communicating research, including purpose,
methodology and findings, preliminary or otherwise, is the core of
communication for science communicators, but sometimes it can be a
battle, as we all know. Researchers, especially those in universities,
have a publish or perish mentality and the scientific publishing numbers
game they frequently insist on playing is to the detriment of the very
people who fund them, often the taxpayer and, increasingly, private,
corporate funders. If there's public money involved, surely scientists
have an obligation to let the wider community, not just their scientific
peers, know what they're up to, especially if there's public good in the



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