[ASC-list] free public lecture by Brian Schmidt at Sydney Uni

Ian ianw2 at exemail.com.au
Tue Jun 25 12:29:01 UTC 2013

Re. "Publish or perish":  as a Nobel Prize winner, Brian can be rather busy,
but he regularly gives free public lectures.

If you are in Sydney then consider coming along to this lecture in the
"Sydney Ideas" series.  (If you are not in Sydney then prompt the ABC to
record the talk for their "Big Ideas" TV program).

Professor Brian Schmidt,

Nobel Physics Prize recipient, Laureate Fellow at the Australian National
University's Mount Stromlo Observatory.

THURSDAY 11 JULY, 6 to 7.30pm,

The Great Hall, The Quadrangle, The University of Sydney, Camperdown NSW

This public talk is free, but you must register to get a seat.  (I suggest
that you bring a print-out of the confirmation with you for when they check
your name off the list prior to entry).  Registration is at the bottom of
this web page


Co-presented with the 2013 Harry Messel International Science School.

Over the past 60 years Australia has played a leading role in humanity's
exploration of the Cosmos. From the establishment of radio astronomy, to the
observations that underpin the standard model of the Universe, Australia has
contributed using innovative instruments that incorporate world-leading

At this lecture Brian will describe Australia's role in helping establishing
our view of the Universe, and speculate how our participation in the next
generation of radio and optical telescopes will help unlock some of the
Universe's great outstanding mysteries.

Brian was raised in Montana and Alaska, USA, and received undergraduate
degrees in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Arizona in 1989, and
Astronomy Master's degree (1992) and PhD (1993) from Harvard University. He
joined the staff of the Australian National University in 1995, and in 2008
he was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences. His work on
the accelerating universe was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics,
jointly with Adam Riess and Saul Perlmutter. Brian is continuing his work
using exploding stars to study the Universe, and is leading Mt Stromlo's
effort to build the SkyMapper telescope.

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