[ASC-list] Perth; UWA SCOM seminar Friday 8 March

Nancy Longnecker nancy.longnecker at uwa.edu.au
Tue Mar 5 14:00:42 UTC 2013

Nature photography - a pleasure or a pain?

The University of Western Australia
Science Communication Seminar Series
4pm, Friday 8 March, 2013
This Friday, Mark Bundock will discuss his passion for nature photography and how he made a business out of it.

Nature photography – trials, tribulations, tripods, telephotos and technology

Nature has been one of the main subjects of photography for over 100 years. Western Australia in particular surrounds us with natural beauty, landscapes, plants, and wildlife, most of which are accessible for us to photograph.The experience of taking photographs of wildlife is one of the most exhilarating forms of the art. There is something deeply satisfying about capturing an image of beautiful scenery, wild animals or birds.

Wildlife is not the easiest subject to capture.  It often requires long lenses, or if your interests lie in the miniscule, macro lenses, which allow for magnification and close focusing.  Australian mammals are most active at night whilst some prefer dawn and dusk—when light is either un-cooperative or non-existent.  Fast telephoto lenses are one option if you have deep pockets, but they’re not always necessary. More affordable, slower telephotos are available that can be used to capture great wildlife images.

In this presentation, I hope to share some of the tips I have collected over the past several years in capturing wildlife with my camera.

Semester 1 - 2013, Fridays 4 - 5pm
followed by drinks and nibbles

All welcome!

at the UWA Centre for Learning and Technology, basement of Physics building

Next Week
Alice Trend, the Science Communication Officer from the ARC Centre for Excellence in Plant Biology, will discuss her work in engaging the public with cellular plant science.

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