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Professor Mark A. F. Kendall, AIBN Group Leader


Improving the reach of vaccines to the developing world with Nanopatches




Parnell Building 07, Lecture Room 222

  Date:                   Thursday 14 March 2013


Improving the reach of vaccines to the developing world with Nanopatches

Vaccines have produced one of the largest increases in the age of life
expectancy in human history. However massive challenges remain, with 17
million deaths per year due to infectious disease - mostly in the

I will discuss the particular challenges holding back vaccines within
the developing world; together with potential solutions under


My particular focus will move to the needle and syringe: currently the
main vaccination method, which was first invented in 1853.  The needle
is holding back the rollout of vaccines by (1) placing vaccine into
muscle, arguably missing our immune "sweet spot"); (2) the need for
maintaining the refrigeration "cold chain" of the vaccine in liquid
form; and (3) cross-contamination through needle-stick injuries.


I will then introduce the Nanopatch - conceived to tackle all three of
these needle-based problems - and outline the Nanopatch journey from
idea towards clinical utility as a medical device product.  


Professor Mark A.F. Kendall has more than 15 years of experience
researching the field of needle-free gene and drug delivery to skin with
micro-nanostructures, authoring over 334 refereed journal, conference
papers, and presentations, including invited Keynote and Plenary
lectures in more than twenty countries, as well as served as Session
Moderators. In addition, Mark has been an inventor on more than 96
patents (with 4 more patent applications in process) and has worked
closely with Industrial partners in the technology transfer from concept
to commercialisation. His Biolistics technology has been successfully
commercialised with PowderMed (the technology transfer company)
purchased by Pfizer for $400 M in 2006. 


Mark joined the University of Queensland for a Professorial position
after 8 years at the University of Oxford, where he was Associate
Director of the PowderJect Centre for Gene and Drug Delivery Research, a
University Research Lecturer and College Lecturer (Magdalen College). He
was one of the youngest lecturers at Oxford. He is Co-Founder of Vaxxas,
a spin out company with $15 M of investment consortium funding to
commercialize the Nanopatch. In addition to research at UQ, Mark
lectures undergraduate students in biomedical fluid mechanics.  Most
recently, Mark was made a Rolex Laureate.  


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