[ASC-list] Rice futures: Biofortifying food crops for better nutrition (podcast)

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The latest podcast from Up Close is now available.

"Rice futures: Biofortifying food crops for better nutrition"


*Plant molecular biologist Dr Alex Johnson explains how genetic engineering
of rice grain could help to stave off malnutrition in the developing world.
Presented by Dr Shane Huntington.*

"In developing countries, one of the main factors that contributes to
micronutrient malnutrition is the very heavy reliance on cereals, for
instance rice, which is the cereal crop that I work on the most.  This can
be up to 80 per cent of the total caloric intake for people in developing
countries.  Most of their daily energy is coming from cereals, and cereals
are generally low in all three of the micronutrients that I just talked
about.  So iron, zinc and vitamin A, they have very low levels, if any at
all." -- Dr Alex Johnson

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Happy listening!

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