[ASC-list] Careers in research: is Australia producing too many PhDs? - sell out event tonight but keep up virtually

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Sun Mar 17 22:58:44 UTC 2013

Hi ASCers,

As you may have seen, the ACT Branch of ASC is co-running an event tonight
at CSIRO Discovery in Canberra - http://inspiringtheact.org.au/event/phds/

The good news for us is that our event is completely sold out so I thought
I'd let you know how you can keep up virtually.

Firstly, for those in Canberra, *tune in to 666 ABC radio at about 2pm* to
hear Paul Barclay (Host of ABC National Big Ideas program and tonights
facilitator) along with Toss Gascoigne (who we all know), chat to Alex
Sloane about the event and why this is turning out to be such as 'hot

If you want to *check out Twitter from about 6pm (AEDT)*, we will start
the hash-tag *#ausphd *so our audience can make virtual comments about the
night's discussion and we will also invite people to leave comments on our
facebook page - www.facebook.com/asc.canberra.

Finally, we will let you know via this list and facebook when it will
be broadcast on ABC radio and how you can download it via the ABC website
at a later. I hope to also summarise the event for the Scope Newsletter.

This event will get some great coverage for the ASC :-)

2013 ACT ASC President

*ASC Canberra Committee*
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Check us out on
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