[ASC-list] Science centre evaluation - a more specific request from Paul

Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Mon Mar 18 02:37:19 UTC 2013

Please respond direct to Paul - (Paul.Floyd at act.gov.au)



Could I ask that you post a second message to the Australian Science
Communicators list about my question. The emails I have received have
largely focused on 'affective studies'. Upon reflection, I wasn't
specific enough with what I am looking for. The next couple of sentences
sum up better the type of research I am looking for.


I am hoping to find research that looks at learning that takes place
during visits to science centres by school groups. Ideally I would hope
to find that someone has done a pre and post assessment of student
learning. What would be ideal is the use of control groups as well. 


I am not looking for evidence that students 'enjoyed themselves'. I am
hoping that someone has collected evidence to show that students
understanding of science (which could mean knowledge of science facts,
knowledge of the scientific process or perhaps some sort of science
skill) increased as a result of the visit to the science centre.
Hopefully this 'understanding' increased and it didn't in the control


I recognise that only limited learning is likely to be demonstrated from
such a visit. Teachers spend all year working with students and
collecting evidence that student knowledge and understanding has


Thanks for your help with this.


Paul Floyd.




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