[ASC-list] Civic crisis in the US - a parallel with science communication

Mike.Mcrae at csiro.au Mike.Mcrae at csiro.au
Mon Mar 18 04:35:11 UTC 2013

The following video clip is taken from a conference on digital media in the US. Ethan Zuckerman is discussing civic awareness among American citizens, and the notion of a 'civic crisis'.

It's worth a watch for all of the parallels between civics and science. Ethan describes the vagueness of the field of civics, which can be translated equally well into our struggles to clearly outline what science encompasses in an outreach context. He also challenges whether there really is a crisis (which, again, I question on the same grounds as to how much of a science 'crisis' there is). For me, the most relevant parallel is consideration what the outcome should be for promoting civics (read science) in a community - for both, I propose, it should involve being informed enough to influence the community.

If nothing else, this talk demonstrates our questions are relevant beyond science communication, in terms of relevance, measurement and consideration of objectives.

http://dml2013.dmlhub.net/content/videos-day-1-keynote-ignite-talks (the talk is in the top clip, starting at about 24 minutes. First ten minutes is worth watching if you don't have time for the whole talk)
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