[ASC-list] Innovations Precincts - communication?

Jess Tyler jess at scibizcomms.com.au
Mon Mar 18 10:41:36 UTC 2013

Hi All

With the recently announcement and traveling roadshow on the Innovations
   Precincts by the Federal Government, one of the key, but difficult, things
   is to find out who is thinking about putting a bid together.
Collaboration in creating a precinct is the essence of the precinct's own
   business and funding model, and in the short time remaining for
   applications it's critical that groups of 'like' interests form quickly to
   determine the value/worthiness of various approaches.
Also, there appears to be no cross-fertilisation between the Innovations
   Precincts program and the Inspiring Australia program - which leaves me
   aghast but also terribly excited - there's an opportunuity there! There is,
   however, an Industry Innovations Fund that accompanies the Precincts
   project, which seems to be the place for it, but it is at present, fuzzy until someone fills the gaps with their own vision.
   1 - does anyone know of an innpovation precinct propsal around science
   2 - if not, does anyone want to create such a proposal with me? Or at least start talking about one?
   3 - does ASC see merit is establishing a formal communication with the Precincts project to look at comms outcomes?
   4 - is there a forum online for discussion about these precincts that we
   could tap into to share information and ideas?

   Looking forward to any thoughts.....

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