[ASC-list] Margaret Wertheim at Sydney Uni

Ian ianw2 at exemail.com.au
Tue Mar 19 01:28:51 UTC 2013

Hi Kali, (and anyone else who's interested), re. your 14 March request
(below):  I went to the Templeton Lecture last night at Sydney Uni.
The talk started with an introduction on Charles Birch and his book "On
purpose", and the Templeton Prize:  e.g.


Margaret included comments of her time at Sydney Uni and her career and
then, (more or less), covered her 2009 TED talk on the maths and social
aspects of the Coral Reef Project; which is available from


The talk included comments on subsequent developments, and then had time for
questions from the audience.

FYI, Margaret and her sister are Directors of "The Institute for Figuring",


If your browser can't see the [ENTER THE SITE] link, wave your mouse pointer
over the orange rectangle until it appears.

I also found a much longer video of a talk in 2009 about the Institute in
general, (and an interesting question time), at the Walker Art Centre, see



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Dear ASC-list,  Is anybody planning on going to this Sydney Uni event on
Monday and taking an audio recording with their iPhone/iPad/other device? 


If yes, please share?  Cheers, Kali

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