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Ian Muchamore ian at imthinking.com.au
Thu Mar 21 23:48:06 UTC 2013

ASC Vic has made some attempts to use edited podcasts to increase reach of events.


For the podcast of this panel discussion event we went all out and pulled in several favours. The audio was properly miked and the audio edited down from about 90 minutes to 15 minutes. Yes there were costs (mainly editing) but we could probably afford to pull together a podcast such as this at least once a year and more with some sponsorship.

Ian Muchamore
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On 22/03/2013, at 10:20 AM, Ian <ianw2 at exemail.com.au> wrote:

> Re. Phil's off-list comments (below):
> given limited resources, I think that ASC has to accept reasonable
> contribution from as many people as possible and try to channel/multiply
> them effectively:  from
> * quick notes on the Listserver: e.g. pointing out newsy and interesting
> things etc. (complete with typos and oopsies due to speed and no proof
> reading),
> * official summaries/articles in the monthly Newsletter,
> through to
> * original ASC productions (as suggested).
> My experience is that good editing of original audio/video may take 10 to
> 100 times as long as the original recording;  i.e. much more than text.
> Unedited productions, (i.e. for members only, with appropriate caveats), may
> be necessary or else the projects will become too difficult/expensive.
> Re. material originated by others:  Uni's are producing podcasts and videos
> of talks, TED commissions speakers, ABC makes "Big Ideas", students do
> assignments;  YouTube etc. will store almost anything online ...  but often
> good content gets poor pre- publicity and insufficient notice afterwards.
> I think that ASC'ers should be naturals to better share the "highlighting"
> and "indexing" of this other information, (hopefully with minimal workload).
> Re. students:  what about encouraging them with awards, and/or cheap/free
> membership?
> Ian (not Woolf)  ;-)
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> ... sorry membership lapsed so can't post to list, BUT
> This has come up before, the plan in NSW was to get a keen student/up and
> comer/ cadet journalist / sci comm starter-outer  to cover each event we
> did.  A way for them to get skills perhaps aided by other more experienced
> members, and some profile when they post their handiwork on the list.  Will
> Rifkin's idea I think
> Students studying journalism, video, writing, audio engineering could find
> this useful real-world experience.
> Ian Woolf tried out a few podcasty-vodcasty things a few years back, but we
> found the technical issues of getting good sound and then having time to
> edit pretty much defeated us...
> I know sometime people follow conferences etc on twitter, does one ever get
> a significant benefit from this kind of resource sharing? ( seems to me a
> bit piecemeal) . However posting live to some social media site would seem
> to have some potential, if you had allocated people to do it properly.
> Phil
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