[ASC-list] You're invited to a VIVID event connecting bioscience and creativity

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Mon May 6 02:12:15 UTC 2013

Dear Colleagues

On Thursday 30 May (7pm) we are hosting a public event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney with the VIVID Ideas Festival. The event will feature two world-renowned biomedical animators: Graham Johnson from the UCSF (USA) and Drew Berry (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne), whose work has received international recognition (BAFTA award, 2004; Emmy award, 2005, MacArthur Fellowship, 2010). They will present awe-inspiring animations showing the intricate molecular machines inside your body.

If your own work also bridges art and science you are invited to participate by briefly introducing yourself and your work to the audience using two PowerPoint slides.

This event is part of ‘VIZBI+ Visualising the Future of Biomedicine’, a new project funded by the Inspiring Australia initiative, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, and CSIRO.

Bring your family and your friends - this event makes science accessible by a general audience. For further details, see http://bit.ly/VIVID-VIZBIplus

Kate Patterson, Sean O’Donoghue, Christian Stolte & Lidija Bosnjak

“You're drawn in by the colours, the otherworldly beauty and drama of the scene has you in a trance, the complex choreography of the hero chasing the villain blows your mind — and it's not until the movie is over that you realise you were watching science!”

Kate Patterson BVSc PhD
Garvan Institute of Medical Research 
384 Victoria Street Darlinghurst NSW Australia 2010
+61 2 9355 5759
k.patterson at garvan.org.au

MediPics and Prose
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